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Firstly an apo­logy for not updat­ing the site much of late – along with the oth­er author for this site I’ve been on a drive through Europe.

اسان کي واپس هاڻي جيتوڻيڪ آهن, ائين نه ڊڄو.

پوء, Eng­land wrapped up the Ashes with a barn­storm­ing per­form­ance on the last day to well and truly send them pack­ing. A lot has been writ­ten already about England’s per­form­ance and, in par­tic­u­lar, Stu­art Broad’s per­form­ance. It was excel­lent, جي آخر ۾.

So I’m going to con­cen­trate on some­thing a little dif­fer­ent, ٿورو بند-مرڪز جيڪڏھن اوھين ٿيندو.

When Aus­tralia were at their peak a few years back (هاڻي ايتري ڊگھي اڳ لڳي!) the one mis­take they made was not to blood up-and-com­ing young­sters so they had a chance to exper­i­ence the highs and lows of test match crick­et.

Their side always picked itself and they stuck to an oft-quoted prin­cip­al of not chan­ging a win­ning side (ڪافي صحيح). But when the golden gen­er­a­tion decided to call it quits the dearth of exper­i­enced tal­ent was imme­di­ately avail­able.

Eng­land now are in a pos­i­tion of strength. Whilst it would be great to beat the Aus­sies 4–0 we have won the Ashes and won them com­fort­ably. There is no argu­ment – we are a far bet­ter team than they are.

Now would be the per­fect time to test a few young­sters in what will still be a com­pet­it­ive game (the Aus­sies still have ڪجهه لاء ادا ڪرڻ جي وڏائي) in a no-lose situ­ation.

I’m not say­ing we should tear up the team sheet and start again but there’s no harm with test­ing a few lads.

Firstly I think we should look at who is going to be our next spin­ner. Monty Pan­esar has seem­ingly had a melt down and Simon Ker­rigan has leapt above him in the peck­ing order. Graeme Swann has been England’s best spin-bowl­er for years but he isn’t going to be around for ever and can be prone to the odd knock. Ker­rigan should start.

تيم Bresnan چڱي طرح ادا ڪيو آهي، پر هاڻي زخمي ٿي ويو آهي. Woakes and Onions have been called with one of them likely to take his place unless Eng­land break a time-hon­oured pos­i­tion and pick two spin­ners at the Oval. Per­son­ally I’m not that sure about Woakes but if Eng­land see him as the future then let’s see what he’s made of.

One pos­i­tion that is rarely talked about these days is that of wick­et keep­er. That’s a massive vote of con­fid­ence in Matt Pri­or who has made the pos­i­tion his own. پر جن جي اڳيان اچي ٿو? Are Eng­land look­ing to have Jonny Bair­stow as his long-term suc­cessor? Or are they look­ing else­where? يا واٽ ان کي هڪ خيال جو امتحان-شاديء جي ميدان ۾ سندن ٻيو اختيار پرکي سگهجي ها.

پوء ته ٽي تبديليون اڳ ۾ ئي آهي. Now what about the bat­ting line-up? خير, بيل منھن, جي مٿي-حڪم الهاس نگر روشن ڪرڻ ۾ ناڪام ويا آهن, get­ting starts but not con­vert­ing them and not bat­ting in part­ner­ships. Des­pite this the top order, with the pos­sible excep­tion of Bair­stow, will pick itself for the next instal­ment of the Ashes but there’s no harm in see­ing what oth­ers have to offer. Taylor is clearly in the select­ors’ thoughts but two York­shire lads –Gary Bal­lance (who hit a cen­tury for the Eng­land Lions vs the Aus­sies) is there or there­abouts as is fel­low Yorkie, 20 سال پراڻي ڪيريو Lees. One of the three should be con­sidered with any of the cur­rent bats­men (بيل ۽ پچائڻ منھن) hav­ing a rest.

Revolu­tion­ary stuff I know, and we do run the risk of los­ing the last match, but wouldn’t it be even sweeter if we still tonked them with four first-team­ers out.

هڪ جيئن منھن توهان انهن ٻنهي ليکڪن جي فخر ٿيندو. When in Venice on our European adven­ture we got into con­ver­sa­tion with two young Aus­trali­an ladies. Des­pite their back­ground we both man­aged to avoid the burn­ing tempta­tion to men­tion the crick­et. اسان لاء هونء به تارو!

توهان پنهنجي جي ڪجهه سوچون روانو ٿيو? پاڻ commenting جي هيٺان پئجي ويا! اوھان کي رڪنيت حاصل ڪرڻ لاء سنڌ جي چوٽيء جي حق ۾ نامو تي ڪڙي رڪنيت حاصل استعمال ڪريو چاهيو ته. تون به هيٺ سماجي جوڙي کي استعمال ڪندي پنهنجي دوستن سان هن کي شيئر ڪري سگھو ٿا. خوش رهو.

جواب ڇڏي وڃو

هڪ جو رايو آهي

gravatarJon Scaife

پوء, looks like the select­ors are read­ing our posts. Woakes and Ker­rigan both picked. Unfor­tu­nately I have to agree with Lord Boy­cott that it was the wrong decision. I agree with your sen­ti­ment in prin­ciple but I think they’ve done it the wrong way.
Firstly I’d sug­gest try­ing play­ers against weak­er sides gen­er­ally — not let­ting the Aus­sie’s find some form just in time for the return series!
Next I think Geof­frey is right that it isn’t sens­ible to have 2 new bowl­ers at once in a 5‑man attack — there is too much pres­sure on them. I would have giv­en Ker­rigan a go, but I see Woakes as a spe­cial­ist for lim­ited overs, and would have picked Trem­lett.
Intro­du­cing 4 new play­ers at once is almost guar­an­teed to res­ult in defeat which isn’t good for young play­ers con­fid­ence and atti­tude! Bet­ter to bring them in 1 at a time to a suc­cess­ful side.
I would have played: پچائڻ, پاڙ, Trott, Pieterson, بيل, Pri­or, ويڪرو, Swann, Ander­son, Trem­lett, Ker­rigan with Lees as 12هين انسان.
I’d argue Root is still new enough that now isn’t the time to try anoth­er bats­man, but get­ting 1 يا 2 into the squad seems a good idea.