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0انگلینڈ اینڈ ویلز کرکٹ بورڈ (لوگو)سمر 2016 - ایک اچھا موسم گرما

تو, the 2016 کرکٹ سیزن ختم ہو گیا ہے اور فٹ بال واپس tabloids کا اور ٹی وی غالب ہیں. ہم بین الاقوامی کرکٹ اور ڈومیسٹک کرکٹ میں اس سال کے کس بنا دیا.
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0سے Sachithra سین ایک Mankades تھا (چند بیر کے بعد کہ یہ بولنے کی کوشش!)

Crick­et is a sport in which most fol­low­ers expect their her­oes to adhere to a high­er stand­ard of fair play and sports­man­ship.
The recent incid­ent of ‘Mankad­ing’ (جو زمین پر یہ جملہ گڑھا?) – when Sri Lanka’s Sachi­thra Sen­anayake ran out England’s Jos But­tler who had strayed out of his crease at the non-striker’s end at a key point in the final and decid­ing ODI in the series was dis­ap­point­ing to see and thank­fully remains very rare.
The last incid­ent I can remem­ber is when Kapil Dev ran out South Africa’s Peter Kirsten, appar­ently without warn­ing: HTTP:// = RzbFy_elb8k
Dif­fer­ing accounts of Tuesday’s shambles say Sen­anayake warned But­tler twice or just the once. بہر حال, it wasn’t crick­et. The bowl­er shouldn’t have done it and the cap­tain should have over-ruled the appeal. وہ نہیں کیا, یہ تو ہم کھیل پر ایک بوجھ کی لاگت کو شمار کرنے کے لئے چھوڑ دیا جاتا ہوا.
مجھے پسند نہیں کیا, کس طرح کبھی, is Eng­land using this unsa­voury con­tro­versy to shield yet anoth­er highly mixed per­form­ance dur­ing a ODI series.
Sri Lanka are a decent side – but without the wick­et tak­ing machine that was Mut­ti­ah Mur­a­lithar­an in the line-up and home advant­age you would have expec­ted Eng­land to win the series.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0سے Dickie برڈ اسے یارکشائر سے زیادہ فرض کرنا

There’s an old anec­dote in the crick­et­ing career of Har­old ‘Dick­ie’ Bird in which he hit a cen­tury for York­shire in one match and found him­self dropped for the next.

With an aver­age just over 20 his first-class career was hardly spec­tac­u­lar but as an inter­na­tion­al umpire he went on to argu­ably be the best in the busi­ness.

He was well liked and enter­tain­ing, bring­ing his nat­ive York­shire straight talk­ing no non­sense approach to the pitch. Dick­ie was also seen as com­pletely neut­ral who­ever was play­ing, des­pite a deep-rooted love of both county and coun­try.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0انگلینڈ بمقابلہ نیوزی لینڈانگلینڈ نے نیوزی لینڈ بمقابلہ: پہلا ٹیسٹ, ڈے 1

It was sup­posed to be oh so simple wasn’t it?

The Kiwis over as the apéri­tif for the forth­com­ing Ashes clash later on in the year. So one day in to a sum­mer of anti­podean crick­et and with the home side win­ning the toss and elect­ing to bat, surely Eng­land have raced away at 3+ ایک دوسری کی شرح حملے کے خلاف ایک سے زیادہ?

بالکل نہیں. Steady pro­gress dur­ing the 80 ڈرامے کی زائد. Hardly an A+ score but a reas­on­able C grade. Eng­land still have wick­ets in hand with the two York­shire boys (ٹم بریسنن فائنل الیون سے باہر چھوڑ دیا گیا تھا) at the crease.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

1یارکشائر کاؤنٹی کرکٹ کلبیارکشائر CC مقامات - یا اس کی کمی!

When I were ‘nowt but a lad’ as they say round me I used to sneak out of the house to watch my beloved York­shire at nearby Abbey­dale whenev­er they came to town.

Know­ing the ground well I used to hide in a clear­ing in the hedge and would then base myself there for the rest of the morn­ing and after­noon.

Home tal­ents includ­ing Dav­id Byas, رچرڈ Stemp, رچرڈ Blakey اور ایک نوجوان مائیکل وان (me- مجھے اس بوڑھے نہیں ہوں جو مقابلے میں تھوڑا بڑا ہے!) واہ کاش ان کے کھیل کے ساتھ ہجوم.

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