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So, Michael Clarke has announced his retire­ment from inter­na­tion­al crick­et after the final Ashes test at the oval. Many have already paid trib­ute, we’re not so bothered about doing that. Here’s why.

Clarke has a decent record as a bats­man and cap­tain of Aus­tralia, but he’s play­ing here in Eng­land, and his record here isn’t impress­ive at all. He has­n’t won a series here, nor has he made many good con­tri­bu­tions with the bat. His most fam­ous con­tri­bu­tion to Ashes crick­et was his abuse (let’s not call it sledging, sledging is an art-form, not crude abuse) to James Anderson.

So we’re not going to write a gush­ing trib­ute that we don’t believe in. We don’t wish Clarke any ill will, and hope he finds great­er suc­cess in the future.

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JSJon A Scaife

Harsh. He did­n’t sell info to an Indi­an book­maker. He did­n’t go on a Kerry Pack­er tour to North Korea. He has­n’t insul­ted the Roy­al Fam­ily. Actu­ally that is a neg­at­ive now I think about it. He was­n’t respons­ible for the dodgy team selec­tions of the Aus­sies this series. And he did­n’t get Mitchell John­son to bowl underarm.
We may grow to miss him when Steve Smith takes over.