0इंग्लंड आणि वेल्स क्रिकेट मंडळाने लोगोउन्हाळ्यात 2016 - एक चांगला उन्हाळ्यात

त्यामुळे, अगोदर निर्देश केलेल्या बाबीसंबंधी बोलताना 2016 क्रिकेट हंगाम आहे आणि फुटबॉलपटू परत tabloids आणि टीव्ही वर्चस्व आहेत. आंतरराष्ट्रीय क्रिकेट आणि क्रिकेट मध्ये आम्ही या वर्षी काय केले.
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0कमी होणे उघडल्यानंतर विचार करण्याची गुण

एक चाचणी, Eng­land are one-nil down. पाकिस्तान केले
Hav­ing brushed Sri Lanka aside Eng­land are in the midst of a much stern­er test against an in-form Pakistan. And the vis­it­ors suc­ceeded where many oth­ers have failed of late, i.e. to expose England’s weak­nesses.
Per­haps England’s main weak­ness is a lack of top qual­ity spin­ner. Moeen Ali is use­ful for a good few overs and tends to sur­prise many bats­men and trick them into a false sense of secur­ity. तो आहे, how­ever, a second spin­ner. बॅट तो बाजूला असू शकत नाही असल्यास? फार संभव. तो एक बॅकअप पर्याय आहे, not lead the attack mater­i­al. How and why Eng­land have chosen to ignore Adil Rashid amazes me. Over the dec­ades Eng­lish select­ors have shown a reluct­ance to pig leg-spin­ners and Rashid is seen as sus­cept­ible of leak­ing a few runs – but he has proven in ODIs and T20s that he is able to keep it tight. Thank­fully they have at least indic­ated they are will­ing to put this right by nam­ing him in the 13 दुसऱ्या कसोटी त्याला संघात. They must pick him – espe­cially as Old Traf­ford tends to offer encour­age­ment to the twirlers. Eng­land have a bit of a selec­tion dilemma on their hands – I sus­pect Ben Stokes and Moeen are fight­ing it out for one place.
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0TMSTMS - Brexiting टाइम्स एक दिलासा उपस्थिती

गुरुवारी 23 जून ब्रिटन (तसेच, इंग्लंड आणि वेल्स - स्कॉट्स उशिर अधिक शहाणा आहे) युरोपियन युनियन सोडून मतदान.
राष्ट्र मध्ये मी मनात एक ऐवजी उदासीन राज्यात होते स्वतः बुडणे यावर फेकले होते काय पूर्ण वास्तव. At work I couldn’t even stom­ach my bacon but­tie such was my frus­tra­tion with the plebis­cite.… संपूर्ण लेख वाचा

0सुपर इंग्लंड दावा सुपर सिरीज

With just one match left in this new “super series” format between Eng­land and Sri Lanka the home nation have proven them­selves com­pletely dom­in­ant
Win­ning the test series comes as no sur­prise – the vis­it­ors were nev­er going to be able to cope with Ander­son and Broad in home con­di­tions – but I expec­ted a stern­er test in the 50-over format.… संपूर्ण लेख वाचा

0England vs Sri Lanka — any Lessons Learned?

The third and final test in the Eng­land vs Sri Lanka test series is now at an end after the rain brought a damp squib of an end to the match.
मग काय आपण शिकलो आहे? खरोखर खूप. होतो, तेथे तीन चाचण्या पूर्वी आम्ही जवळजवळ आहेत. Nick Compton would appear not quite of test level is one obvi­ous con­clu­sion. Per­son­ally speak­ing I feel it would be a little harsh to jet­tis­on him – I would give him the Pakistan series to make a final decision on him. I doubt that will hap­pen, how­ever and Lords was the last we will see of him in the whites of the three lions.… संपूर्ण लेख वाचा

2पृथ्वी क्रिकेट बॉलसर्वांना संतुष्ट एक साइड - जनतेला मनोरंजक, कदाचित?

Many say test match crick­et is lan­guish­ing in the doldrums at this moment in time. आहे योजना सर्व प्रकारच्या प्रयत्न आणि त्याच्या डगला पुरुषांचा संध्याकाळी वापरण्याचा कोट करून तो त्यातला थोडा भाग सुमारे chucked जात. Such one sided demoli­tions as the Eng­land Sri Lanka series only add weight to the naysay­ers cause and the half empty (किंवा पूर्ण असणे आवश्यक आहे?!) stands at Chester Le Street don’t exactly help mat­ters.
As always the answer to turn things around isn’t straight for­ward. We’re all search­ing for that sil­ver bul­let or mir­acle cure to guar­an­tee packed sta­dia but the only thing that is clear is that there is no simple answer.
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0खेळपट्टीवर परिपूर्ण इंग्लंड Sterner कसोटी आवश्यक आहे

So the first test of the sum­mer is at an end. Well done Eng­land for a vic­tory for what was really a match of men against boys.

श्रीलंका आहेत, पुष्कळदा आवाज-चाव्याव्दारे touted की वापरण्यासाठी, a team in “trans­ition” and boy did it show. हे लक्षात करणे आवश्यक आहे, how­ever, that they kept a strong Eng­land bat­ting line up to a tad under the 300 mark – and half of those runs came from the excel­lent Jonny Bair­stow. Alex Hales did well too with a decent knock and must be kick­ing him­self he didn’t con­vert it into a ton. त्या दोन कदाचित नसता जवळून धाव काम केले. We will nev­er know.… संपूर्ण लेख वाचा

0इंग्लंड आणि वेल्स क्रिकेट मंडळाने लोगोव्यवस्थापन यशस्वी फायर स्टोक करणे आवश्यक आहे

व्वा, incred­ible, fant­ast­ic. मी वर जाऊ शकतात: the list of super­lat­ives to describe the mag­ni­fi­cent (तेथे, I’ve slipped anoth­er one in!) innings by Ben Stokes in the drawn second test has to rank along­side the best ever knocks in inter­na­tion­al crick­et.
I know – points to this writer for stat­ing the bleed­in’ obvi­ous! What his innings does do though is high­light the need for Eng­land to be able to not only spot tal­en­ted indi­vidu­als such as Stokes but to nur­ture them and encour­age them to reach their full poten­tial.… संपूर्ण लेख वाचा

2ऍशेस रक्षापात्रनाही स्टार एकतर साइड साठी चमकत

So the Ashes are now at end with Eng­land the vic­tors and Aus­tralia put back in their place. A 3–2 sco­reline flat­ters the green bag­gied ones a little but in truth the last test was a dead rub­ber for Eng­land. They were nev­er going to play to the same level on intens­ity as when they were try­ing to claim the little urn back from our Anti­podean cous­ins.
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1क्रिकेट ऑस्ट्रेलिया लोगोMichael Clarke — So long

त्यामुळे, Michael Clarke has announced his retire­ment from inter­na­tion­al crick­et after the final Ashes test at the oval. Many have already paid trib­ute, आम्ही असे काही घेणे-देणे नाही आहात. येथे का आहे.
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