0Engeland teen Nieu-SeelandEngeland vs Nieu-Seeland: Eerste toets - Engeland Eis die Honneurs

Na so 'n stadige begin tot die spel van die eerste toets klaar te breek nek spoed vandag - en wat 'n optrede deur Stuart Broad aan die geruite vlag in te samel.

Nie net het hy klub 20 vreemd belangrik lopies (nie uit) as Engeland se kolfbeurt het om 'n vinnige en teleurstellend einde maar het hy dit deur 'n spel van die hoogste vinnig medium boulwerk wat die Nieu-Seelandse orde afgemaai.

Wanneer Broad is on-lied soos wat hy vandag is daar is eenvoudig geen keer aan hom en hy kan feitlik onspeelbaar wees. Die laaste keer dat hy het 'n vertoning soos dit was teen die ou vyand op die Oval in die 2009 Ashes botsing. Ek aangeteken die hoogtepunte van die dag se spel en het hulle vir 'n paar jaar net so kon ek dit weer en weer kyk. Daardie dag het hy 'n 5-vir, beweer die paaltjies van Watson, Ponting, Hussey, Clarke and Had­din – so pretty much the Aus­trali­an top order.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Engeland teen Nieu-SeelandEngeland teen Nieu-Seeland: eerste toets, dag 3 — Match Nicely Poised

What a topsy turvy match is prov­ing to be! Drie dae weg en dit is nog steeds baie onduidelik wat op die top.

Tot net voor 18:00 was dit baie Engeland se dag.  The bowl­ers stepped up to the plate and man­aged to eek out a slight lead. And then the young pre­tend­er Root hit a steady half cen­tury well sup­por­ted by the even stead­i­er Trott.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Engeland teen Nieu-SeelandEngeland teen Nieu-Seeland: eerste toets, dag 2 - O Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Anderson ...

Of so het die lied gaan.

A review of the second day’s play would always be incom­plete with a nod towards shin­ing star James Ander­son.

By dis­miss­ing Kiwi open­er Peter Fulton (his second wick­et of the innings) Jimmy became only the fourth mem­ber of England’s pres­ti­gi­ous 300 klub. Ian Botham, Bob Wil­lis and Fiery Fred True­man are the only oth­er cur­rent cus­todi­ans.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Engeland teen Nieu-SeelandEngeland vs Nieu-Seeland: eerste toets, dag 1

It was sup­posed to be oh so simple wasn’t it?

The Kiwis over as the apéri­tif for the forth­com­ing Ashes clash later on in the year. So one day in to a sum­mer of anti­podean crick­et and with the home side win­ning the toss and elect­ing to bat, surely Eng­land have raced away at 3+ 'n reg voor 'n tweede koers aanval?

Nie heeltemal nie. Steady pro­gress dur­ing the 80 oor van die spel. Hardly an A+ score but a reas­on­able C grade. Eng­land still have wick­ets in hand with the two York­shire boys (Tim Bresnan het oorgebly uit die finale elftal) at the crease.… Lees die volledige artikel

0IPLDie IPL - die "X-Factor" met 'n krieketbal

Up until a week or so ago I hadn’t had the ‘pleas­ure’ of watch­ing any of the Indi­an Premi­er League.

As the name of this site sug­gests, I ‘adore crick­et’ so thought to myself well why not. Dit behels 'n kolf en bal, bats­men and bowl­ers so can’t be that bad.

Hoe verkeerd was ek. I man­aged to brave half an hour before it gave me a head­ache. It is truly a dread­ful spec­tacle for any­one who cher­ishes our won­der­ful game.… Lees die volledige artikel

0logo Internasionale KrieketraadWat is verkeerd met die ICC toets posisie stelsel?

Any­one that fol­lows test crick­et will know that all the sides are ranked, byvoorbeeld, at the time of writ­ing South Africa are (tereg) ranked the best side in the world. I’ve long felt that the sys­tem used to rank teams needs revis­ing, as it often seems to pro­duce rank­ings that are clearly at odds with how well teams have been play­ing. Let me use the cur­rent rank­ings as an example.

... Lees die volledige artikel

0Nieu-Seeland teen Engeland KrieketNew Zealand 0–0 England: Goed vir toets Krieket

It’s not often you’ll hear me cheer a series where all of the test matches fin­ished in draws, and it’s even less often that I cel­eb­rate Eng­land fail­ing to win a series. How­ever that is exactly how I feel about the recent drawn series in New Zea­l­and. Now before the barmy army hang draw and quarter me, Gee my 'n kans om myself te verduidelik!

... Lees die volledige artikel

0Bangladesj v Sri Lanka KrieketKrieket: 'N toets Toekoms?

The oth­er day I had the brief pleas­ure of watch­ing Bangladesh versus Sri Lanka on the goggle box. It only las­ted about an hour as oth­er fam­ily mem­bers suc­ceeded in pris­ing the remote away from me as soon as my back was turned.

But it was test crick­et at its best. There wasn’t a flurry of wick­ets and only a few runs were scored but from the per­spect­ive of the game it couldn’t have been more vital.

The awe­some and ever green middle order bats­man Kumar Sangakkara had craf­ted yet anoth­er fine cen­tury as he looked to mar­shal the tail to get a mean­ing­ful first innings lead over the hosts. Sri Lanka het 'n voorsprong van sowat 40 runs with only four wick­ets in hand. Grip­ping test match crick­et as the game ebbed and flowed.

Die hartseer ding is die skare - of 'n gebrek aan. Ek was nie daar kon ek net sien wat die TV-straal terug. But from what I could see it was like watch­ing a second XI match in terms of bums on seats. It was the pro­ver­bi­al ‘one man and his dog’ stuff.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Aarde krieketbalTe veel oorsese spelers?

As I write this I am try­ing to find the right prose that doesn’t make me come across as some silly and nar­row minded ‘little Englander’ who sees all ‘them for­eign­ers’ as some­thing to be feared and hated.

World class over­seas play­ers such as Curtley and Court­ney and the Mas­ter Blaster Viv Richards have helped to light up the county cir­cuit in pre­vi­ous sea­sons and brought joy to mil­lions. All fans want to see the best qual­ity play­ers on show – myself included.

But I do want to have a little grumble about the extent of the abuse of the spir­it of the term ‘over­seas’ play­er.… Lees die volledige artikel

1Yorkshire County KrieketklubYorkshire CC Venues - of die gebrek aan!

When I were ‘nowt but a lad’ as they say round me I used to sneak out of the house to watch my beloved York­shire at nearby Abbey­dale whenev­er they came to town.

Know­ing the ground well I used to hide in a clear­ing in the hedge and would then base myself there for the rest of the morn­ing and after­noon.

Home tal­ents includ­ing Dav­id Byas, Richard Stemp, Richard Blakey en 'n jong Michael Vaughan (wat is 'n bietjie ouer as me- Ek is nie so oud!) sou wow die skare met hul spel.

... Lees die volledige artikel