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0ENgilandi naseWales Cricket Board logoA Umdlalo Izinzwa?

Kuyinto sikhathi futhi - ebusuku kukhona eside, emoyeni kubanda, kodwa ngokushesha umsakazo ngeke nomlilo zibe nokuphila futhi alethe imisindo ehlobo Australian ezindlebeni zethu okuthile okungaziwayo. Ingabe England bevela ngomcako sangaphambilini kokuwina (njengoba kwakunjalo 2010-11, noma ngeke Australia ugcwalise 3rd ukugqiba e 4 uchungechunge. Ngokwami ​​am ukubheja ke ngeke draw!
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0India thatha isinyathelo ku test sesithathu

ukuhlolwa okubili in, 1–0 to India. England’s poor sum­mer con­tin­ued apace today with a shock­ing (sorry, olushaqisayo) col­lapse after lunch today to hand the vis­it­ors the ini­ti­at­ive going for­ward into the rest of the series. On cur­rent evid­ence it would be hard to see past India win­ning the series.
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0ENgilandi abadinga Moore ekilasini ehlobo

Apo­lo­gies one and all for a lack of recent mus­ings – it’s all due to a new arrival in the house­hold which has meant my wak­ing (and sleep­ing) hours are com­pletely dom­in­ated by bottle feed­ing ses­sions and nappy changes – yes a little bambino has arrived. Give her about 18 years and she’ll be play­ing for Eng­land.
Any­way; to busi­ness.
Well, to para­phrase Wil­li­am Shakespeare some­what, that was a winter of dis­con­tent for Eng­land. After pretty inept per­form­ances in the Ashes most would have thought it couldn’t get any worse. It did – the humi­li­at­ing defeat against the Neth­er­lands (even if it was a ‘dead rub­ber’) prov­ing the coup de grâce. Before and since that final sham­bol­ic out­ing there have been some high pro­file cas­u­al­ties — gone are coach Andy Flower, middle order main­stay Jonath­an Trott and spin king Graeme Swann. And then of course there is the whole saga around Kev­in Pietersen. Glove­man Matt Pri­or will also be nervously look­ing over his shoulder as oth­ers threaten his place in the side.… Funda Article Okugcwele

0Australia ukuwapheka ngesitimu kunokuwabilisa on empini yokulwa Proteas

When Eng­land squared up to Aus­tralia in the last Ashes series I, like abaningi, thought the vis­it­ors would retain the urn dur­ing the five match series. It was always going to a tough­er battle than the sum­mer show­down but vic­tory was expec­ted.

Play­er for play­er Eng­land were just too strong, kwakungewona they? Ngaleso sikhathi, with the standout excep­tion of middle-order maes­tro Michael Clarke, a com­bined XI of the two sides would have been dom­in­ated by the three lions. Oth­er than skip­per Clarke who would have made the com­bined side? Per­haps Dav­id Warner for Michael Car­berry? A fit Ryan Har­ris in for either Chris Trem­lett or Tim Bresnan? Cer­tainly the former, prob­ably the lat­ter. A place for Shane Wat­son? Mhlawumbe - kodwa ngubani Wayeyosebenzisa buyisela? On ubuso, Nokho, Eng­land cer­tainly appeared the stronger out­fit.… Funda Article Okugcwele

0Umlotha emlotheni, ENgilandi ukuze Dust

Ngoba lokho engizakukwenza ukukusho kungase I awiswe okuvela phezulu ... kodwa ngiyajabula ukuthi lezi zihloko Ashes isezingeni kuphele. Quite simply Aus­tralia have played far bet­ter than the sum of their indi­vidu­al parts and Eng­land have been, ngoba ingxenye enkulu, abso­lutely diabol­ic­al.

As sure as night fol­lows day the Aus­sies wrapped up a dev­ast­at­ing 5–0 series win, yet again bowl­ing Eng­land out for a piti­ful total not worthy of an inter­na­tion­al line up. The vis­it­ors now need to go back, re-group and pick up the pieces from this poten­tially dis­astrous tour down-under.… Funda Article Okugcwele

0Graeme Swann umemezela kokuthatha umhlalaphansi ngokushesha

Amongst the wreck­age of the Ashes tour comes anoth­er seis­mic bomb­shell — the best Eng­lish spin­ner in a gen­er­a­tion has handed his tick­et in.

Yes it’s true — Graeme Swann has announced his imme­di­ate retire­ment. Yeka ukulahlekelwa okukhulu. Swann was a great play­er, com­pet­it­or, fight­er and all-round team man. Wayengase ubambe ngisho ilulwane indlela efanele round.

Hav­ing taken 255 wick­ets in his test career at a shade under 30 ucezu, irekhodi yakhe ikhona kubo bonke futhi kuzoba nzima kakhulu esikhundleni sakhe. As always with Eng­land there’s hardly a queue of spin­ners banging down the door to take his place in the side. So does that mean we go back to the days of only ever pick­ing a twirler when the pitch suits rather than a first choice?... Funda Article Okugcwele

2T20BROADside eNgilandi mayelana abadlali kokuphumula

As I sit listen­ing to the T20 freak-show (it mar­gin­ally beats whatever soap based rub­bish the wife is watch­ing) I’ve been con­tem­plat­ing the debate that’s been stirred after Eng­land res­ted five key play­ers for the ODI series.

Cap­tain Cook, Bell, Graeme Swann, Jimmy Ander­son and T20 cap­tain Stu­art Broad are all put­ting their feet up and let­ting a new-look Eng­land take on the Aus­sies for the five match series.

Former Cap­tain Michael Vaughan has had his say and Stu­art Broad has fired back. The media have of course jumped on to a healthy debate and stirred it into a bit of a row.… Funda Article Okugcwele

1The Ashes isitshaAustralia hold the upper hand — in a dead rubber match

Two days in and Aus­tralia cer­tainly have the upper hand. Kodwa manje. The Ashes are won and won pretty con­vin­cingly at that. This is a dead-rub­ber match and is very remin­is­cent of Ashes series of old when Eng­land used to sud­denly pull a decent per­form­ance out of the hat when the urn was in the pos­ses­sion of the Aus­sies. Play­ers who time and time again let the team down would sud­denly grab a five-for or score a cen­tury and their series aver­age to the his­tor­ic observ­er would look half-decent.… Funda Article Okugcwele

1ENgilandi naseWales Cricket Board logoAussies Tonked - Manje Phambili

Firstly an apo­logy for not updat­ing the site much of late – along with the oth­er author for this site I’ve been on a drive through Europe.

Singabantu emuva ngaleso sikhathi, ngakho ungesabi.

Ngakho, Eng­land wrapped up the Ashes with a barn­storm­ing per­form­ance on the last day to well and truly send them pack­ing. A lot has been writ­ten already about England’s per­form­ance and, in par­tic­u­lar, Stu­art Broad’s per­form­ance. It was excel­lent, ekupheleni.

So I’m going to con­cen­trate on some­thing a little dif­fer­ent, a-isikhungo off kancane uma kuthanda.

When Aus­tralia were at their peak a few years back (kubonakala kudala manje!) the one mis­take they made was not to blood up-and-com­ing young­sters so they had a chance to exper­i­ence the highs and lows of test match crick­et.… Funda Article Okugcwele

0The Ashes isitsha3-0 eNgilandi ... sifundeni?

Ingihlabe kude eholidini ngoba esidlule 2½ amasonto futhi ngingafundile ithuba ukubhala mayelana ikhilikithi. Phakathi naleso sikhathi, kuye kwaba 2 ngaphezulu Ashes ukufana test futhi eNgilandi liye enwetshiwe phambili kwabo ngo 3-0. Njengoba kwase zonke izinhloko ukukhuluma ngezwa ungazange lokho abakushoyo, kanjalo lapha kukhona ezinye imicabango yami, unin­flu­enced by the pun­dits.

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