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1خاڪ urnJob Done — England Take a 2–0 Lead

ڪم ٿي ويو. Aus­tralia thrashed.

They didn’t really have the answer to the com­bined hero­ics of Root (massive cen­tury and a couple of handy wick­ets), بيل (a very import­ant first innings ton with a decent half cen­tury in the second (باقي هن ​​کي ٻاهر ٿي ويا آهن گهرجي, پڪڙجي, 20-جوڙ تي) ۽ Swann (9 وڪيٽن). It has to be wor­ry­ing for the vis­it­ors when their second best play­er, Wat­son, is hav­ing his tech­nique exposed by the Eng­land attack in a big way – he was yet again a LBW vic­tim today.… پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل

0انگلستان نئون ايم ٿيلانگلستان نئون ايم مدرسه: ٻيو ٽيسٽ, ڏينهن 5

۽ پوء اهو ٿيو.

Eng­land wrapped up a con­vin­cing vic­tory thus tak­ing the series 2–0. اهو سڀ ڪجهه هڪ ٿورو به آسان ٿي ويو. Only the weath­er could have saved New Zea­l­and from cer­tain defeat. اهو وسايوسون،, پر صرف ڪافي ڪافي نه, and Eng­land stepped up to the plate and showed their true class.

They are a far bet­ter side than New Zea­l­and and they proved it. The bowl­ing attack in par­tic­u­lar through­out the series have per­formed very well although the Kiwis’ attack hasn’t done too badly either.… پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل

0انگلستان نئون ايم ٿيلانگلستان نئون ايم مدرسه: ٻيو ٽيسٽ, ڏينهن 3 — England Booming

There are vari­ous top­ics I could have chosen to write about after the third day of the second test in the Eng­land vs New Zea­l­and series.

The issues that imme­di­ately jump out are 1) anoth­er fant­ast­ic per­form­ance by England’s bowl­ers against a woe­ful Kiwi bat­ting line up 2) a lovely return to form of the home side’s skip­per and open­ing bat Alastair Cook 3) four wick­ets for Swann or 4) the highly debat­able decision by Eng­land not to enforce the fol­low on (almost guar­an­tee­ing a series vic­tory but greatly redu­cing the chances of a vic­tory in the match with rain fore­cast). But today I am going to swerve a little left of centre and focus on some­thing entirely dif­fer­ent…

They say every day is a school day and today I learnt some­thing new today… The great mous­ta­chioed former middle order Aus­sie slug­ger Dav­id Boon is match ref­er­ee for this test. I like to think I have a good grasp of world crick­et events but the pro­mo­tion of the talis­man­ic Tas­mani­an as a world ref­er­ee in 2011 is some­thing that passed me by but is some­thing that also pleases me greatly.… پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل