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2جرة رمادلا نجم يلمع لجانبي

So the Ashes are now at end with Eng­land the vic­tors and Aus­tralia put back in their place. A 3–2 sco­reline flat­ters the green bag­gied ones a little but in truth the last test was a dead rub­ber for Eng­land. They were nev­er going to play to the same level on intens­ity as when they were try­ing to claim the little urn back from our Anti­podean cous­ins.
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0يظهر كوك له همة في أداء Ballanced

أحسنت اليستير كوك. حسنا, so he missed out on mak­ing a cen­tury, مجرد, ولكن ليسجل 95 when the chips were really down took unbe­liev­able char­ac­ter. The only way he was going to silence the crit­ics was with some runs and hope­fully today’s score marks a per­man­ent return to form. The crowd’s reac­tion when he scored his half cen­tury and the ova­tion when he left the field when speaks volumes as to the sup­port for him amongst the crick­et watch­ing pub­lic. انه رجل طيب ولا يستحق بعض من خطبة لاذعة أطلقت طريقه.

Geof­frey Boy­cott has pre­dicted a draw already – and the Rose Bowl pitch looks like it will pro­duce anoth­er unin­spir­ing match where the bat rules supreme. How ridicu­lous. We need pitches that have some­thing on offer for both bats­men and bowl­ers, one that rewards top expo­nents of both dis­cip­lines. حتى ما إذا كانت اللعبة قد انتهت خلال أربعة أيام بدلا من خمسة? Short term fin­an­cial think­ing risks under­min­ing the entire fab­ric of the game – and then where will the money come from?... إقرأ المقال

0الهند أخذ زمام المبادرة في الاختبار الثالث

اختبارين في, 1–0 to India. England’s poor sum­mer con­tin­ued apace today with a shock­ing (معذرة, مروع) col­lapse after lunch today to hand the vis­it­ors the ini­ti­at­ive going for­ward into the rest of the series. On cur­rent evid­ence it would be hard to see past India win­ning the series.
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0كان Sachithra سين Mankades (محاولة قائلا أنه بعد عدد قليل من البيرة!)

Crick­et is a sport in which most fol­low­ers expect their her­oes to adhere to a high­er stand­ard of fair play and sports­man­ship.
The recent incid­ent of ‘Mankad­ing’ (الذين على وجه الأرض صاغ تلك العبارة?) – when Sri Lanka’s Sachi­thra Sen­anayake ran out England’s Jos But­tler who had strayed out of his crease at the non-striker’s end at a key point in the final and decid­ing ODI in the series was dis­ap­point­ing to see and thank­fully remains very rare.
The last incid­ent I can remem­ber is when Kapil Dev ran out South Africa’s Peter Kirsten, appar­ently without warn­ing: HTTP://www.youtube.com/watch?ت = RzbFy_elb8k
Dif­fer­ing accounts of Tuesday’s shambles say Sen­anayake warned But­tler twice or just the once. اما الطريقة, it wasn’t crick­et. The bowl­er shouldn’t have done it and the cap­tain should have over-ruled the appeal. لم يفعل, حدث ذلك نترك لحساب تكلفة الضغط على اللعبة.
ما لا أحب, how­ever, is Eng­land using this unsa­voury con­tro­versy to shield yet anoth­er highly mixed per­form­ance dur­ing a ODI series.
Sri Lanka are a decent side – but without the wick­et tak­ing machine that was Mut­ti­ah Mur­a­lithar­an in the line-up and home advant­age you would have expec­ted Eng­land to win the series.… إقرأ المقال

0من الرماد الى الرماد, انجلترا لالغبار

لماذا أنا على وشك أن أقول قد أكون ببطلانه من فوق ... ولكن أنا سعيد أن هذه السلسلة الرماد وصلت الى نهايتها. Quite simply Aus­tralia have played far bet­ter than the sum of their indi­vidu­al parts and Eng­land have been, بالنسبة للجزء كبير, abso­lutely diabol­ic­al.

As sure as night fol­lows day the Aus­sies wrapped up a dev­ast­at­ing 5–0 series win, yet again bowl­ing Eng­land out for a piti­ful total not worthy of an inter­na­tion­al line up. The vis­it­ors now need to go back, re-group and pick up the pieces from this poten­tially dis­astrous tour down-under.… إقرأ المقال

1England — just what is up??

What has happened to Eng­land? في الاختبارات الماضيين أنها كانت مروعة. I can’t think of any pos­it­ives to take out of either game.

The bat­ting line up has been short of runs for some time now. The bowl­ers won the Ashes for Eng­land last time round, des­pite the best efforts of the much her­al­ded bat­ting line up to snatch defeat from the jaws of vic­tory (the won­der­ful Bell aside) و الأن, in Aus­trali­an con­di­tions, Eng­land are really up against it. The bats­men are con­tinu­ing to struggle but what is most wor­ry­ing is the way they are get­ting out – care­less and lazy shots and a lack of applic­a­tion. You expect fire­works from Kev­in Pieterson early on in an innings but not the oth­ers.… إقرأ المقال

2T20انتقادات انجلترا عن اللاعبين يستريح

As I sit listen­ing to the T20 freak-show (it mar­gin­ally beats whatever soap based rub­bish the wife is watch­ing) I’ve been con­tem­plat­ing the debate that’s been stirred after Eng­land res­ted five key play­ers for the ODI series.

Cap­tain Cook, جرس, جرايم سوان, Jimmy Ander­son and T20 cap­tain Stu­art Broad are all put­ting their feet up and let­ting a new-look Eng­land take on the Aus­sies for the five match series.

Former Cap­tain Michael Vaughan has had his say and Stu­art Broad has fired back. The media have of course jumped on to a healthy debate and stirred it into a bit of a row.… إقرأ المقال

1جرة رمادأستراليا عقد اليد العليا - في مباراة المطاط الميتة

يومين في واستراليا لديها بالتأكيد اليد العليا. لكن ماذا في ذلك. وفاز رماد وفاز جدا مقنع في ذلك. هذه مباراة القتلى المطاط ويذكرنا جدا من رماد سلسلة من العمر عندما تستخدم انكلترا لسحب فجأة أداء لائق من قبعة عندما كانت جرة في حوزة أوسيس. Play­ers who time and time again let the team down would sud­denly grab a five-for or score a cen­tury and their series aver­age to the his­tor­ic observ­er would look half-decent.… إقرأ المقال

1إنجلترا وويلز مجلس الكريكيت شعارAussies Tonked — Now to the Future

Firstly an apo­logy for not updat­ing the site much of late – along with the oth­er author for this site I’ve been on a drive through Europe.

لقد عدنا الآن على الرغم من, لذلك لا خوف.

وبالتالي, Eng­land wrapped up the Ashes with a barn­storm­ing per­form­ance on the last day to well and truly send them pack­ing. A lot has been writ­ten already about England’s per­form­ance and, in par­tic­u­lar, Stu­art Broad’s per­form­ance. It was excel­lent, نهاية.

So I’m going to con­cen­trate on some­thing a little dif­fer­ent, قليلا خارج المركز اذا صح التعبير.

When Aus­tralia were at their peak a few years back (يبدو ذلك منذ فترة طويلة الآن!) the one mis­take they made was not to blood up-and-com­ing young­sters so they had a chance to exper­i­ence the highs and lows of test match crick­et.… إقرأ المقال

0جرة رماد3–0 to England… what have we learned?

I’ve been away on hol­i­day for the past 2½ weeks and haven’t had chance to write about the crick­et. Dur­ing that time there have been 2 more Ashes test matches and Eng­land have exten­ded their lead to 3–0. Hav­ing been away from all the talk­ing heads I haven’t heard what they have to say, حتى هنا بعض من أفكاري, unin­flu­enced by the pun­dits.

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