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0Corruption Bribe Spot Fixingجڏهن ته پي ايل - جي Snooker سان مقابلي ۾?

Two of my favour­ites sports have dom­in­ated the sports news pages this week, but sadly for all the wrong reas­ons. The last few years have seen a sig­ni­fic­ant increase in the num­ber of reports of gambling-related cor­rup­tion, is this a case of increas­ing crime or increas­ing crime detec­tion?... پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل

0انگلستان نئون ايم ٿيلانگلستان نئون ايم مدرسه: پهرين ٽيسٽ - انگلينڊ جي آنرز دعوي

After such a slow start to the game the first test fin­ished at break neck speed today – and what a per­form­ance by Stu­art Broad to raise the chequered flag.

نه رڳو هن ڪلب ڪيو 20 odd import­ant runs (نه نڪرڻ) as England’s innings came to a quick and dis­ap­point­ing end but he fol­lowed that by a spell of supreme fast-medi­um bowl­ing which decim­ated the New Zea­l­and order.

When Broad is on-song like that he was today there is simply no stop­ping him and he can be vir­tu­ally unplay­able. The last time he delivered a per­form­ance like this was against the Old Enemy at the Oval in the 2009 خاڪ طاهرالقادريء. I recor­ded the high­lights of that day’s play and kept them for a few years just so I could watch it again and again. That day he got a 5‑for, claim­ing the scalps of Wat­son, Pont­ing, Hus­sey, Clarke and Had­din – so pretty much the Aus­trali­an top order.… پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل

0پي ايلجڏهن ته پي ايل - جي 'ايڪس فئڪٽري' هڪ ڪرڪيٽ طالب المولي سان

هفتي ۾ هڪ يا پوء اڳ مون کي انڊين پريميئر ليگ جي ڪنهن به ڏسڻ جي 'ايندو آهي' نه پئي هئي ايتري مٿي.

هن ماڳ جي نالي سان مشورو ڏيندو ته جيئن, مون کي 'ساراهيان ڪرڪيٽ' پوء پاڻ کي فڪر سان گڏوگڏ نه ڇو. اهو هڪ بيٽنگ ۽ هڪ طالب المولي شامل, وڪيٽون ۽ پاران ايترو ته خراب نه ٿي ڪري سگهي ٿو.

مون کي ڪيئن ظلم ٿي ويو. مون کي اڌ ڪلاڪ بهادر کي منظم کان اڳ ۾ ان مون کي درد ڏنو. It is truly a dread­ful spec­tacle for any­one who cher­ishes our won­der­ful game.… پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل