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0آسٽريليا Proteas جي خلاف جنگ ۾ تي ٻاڦ

When Eng­land squared up to Aus­tralia in the last Ashes series I, ڪيترن ئي وانگر, thought the vis­it­ors would retain the urn dur­ing the five match series. It was always going to a tough­er battle than the sum­mer show­down but vic­tory was expec­ted.

Play­er for play­er Eng­land were just too strong, اهي نه هئا? هن وقت, with the standout excep­tion of middle-order maes­tro Michael Clarke, a com­bined XI of the two sides would have been dom­in­ated by the three lions. Oth­er than skip­per Clarke who would have made the com­bined side? Per­haps Dav­id Warner for Michael Car­berry? A fit Ryan Har­ris in for either Chris Trem­lett or Tim Bresnan? Cer­tainly the former, prob­ably the lat­ter. A place for Shane Wat­son? ٿي سگهي ٿو - پر هن جو مٽائي ها? ان جي منهن تي, تنهن هوندي به, Eng­land cer­tainly appeared the stronger out­fit.… پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل

0خاڪ کي خاڪ, انگلستان پڻي

ڇا مون جي باري ۾ مون کي مٿي کان نازل ٿينديون ٿي سگهي ٿو جو چوڻ آهيان ... پر مون کي خوشي آهي ته هن خاڪ سيريز هڪ آخر ۾ آهي آهيان لاء. ڪافي چئجي آسٽريليا پري سندن انفرادي حصن جي پڄاڻي کان ڀلو ادا ڪيو ۽ انگلينڊ ويا آهن, سنڌ جي وڏي حصي لاء, بلڪل diabolical.

جيئن ته پڪ جيئن رات ڏينهن جي Aussies هڪ devastating 5-0 سيريز ورتي مٿي ڍڪيل جي پٺيان, ڪنهن ڏکيائي جي ٻيهر هڪ ڪري ڇڏين ڪل هڪ بين الاقوامي لائن اپ جو لائق نه لاء انگلستان ٻاهر بالنگ. سنڌين هاڻي واپس وڃڻ جي ضرورت آهي, re-group and pick up the pieces from this poten­tially dis­astrous tour down-under.… پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل

0آسٽريليا باڪسنگ ماھر

Eng­lish win­ters are a ter­rible thing. Cold and wet, the sea­son also means no home crick­et what­so­ever.

Christ­mas is one shin­ing light in the fog of the cold and to add to this the thought of an annu­al test match that starts on Box­ing Day and usu­ally held under blue skies and warm tem­per­at­ures is one that stirs the ima­gin­a­tion and one that I will raise a cold beer to.

Box­ing Day tests have been held every year since 1980 (except 1989 when a one day match vs Sri Lanka was played instead (boo – ed) and at the Mel­bourne Crick­et Club in Aus­tralia – aka the MCG). They have also been dom­in­ated by some massive crowds (which have approached six fig­ures on occa­sion).... پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل

0انگلستان نئون ايم ٿيلانگلستان نئون ايم مدرسه: پهرين ٽيسٽ - انگلينڊ جي آنرز دعوي

After such a slow start to the game the first test fin­ished at break neck speed today – and what a per­form­ance by Stu­art Broad to raise the chequered flag.

نه رڳو هن ڪلب ڪيو 20 odd import­ant runs (نه نڪرڻ) as England’s innings came to a quick and dis­ap­point­ing end but he fol­lowed that by a spell of supreme fast-medi­um bowl­ing which decim­ated the New Zea­l­and order.

When Broad is on-song like that he was today there is simply no stop­ping him and he can be vir­tu­ally unplay­able. The last time he delivered a per­form­ance like this was against the Old Enemy at the Oval in the 2009 خاڪ طاهرالقادريء. I recor­ded the high­lights of that day’s play and kept them for a few years just so I could watch it again and again. That day he got a 5‑for, claim­ing the scalps of Wat­son, Pont­ing, Hus­sey, Clarke and Had­din – so pretty much the Aus­trali­an top order.… پڙهي پورو آرٽيڪل