1Trent bridgeTrent Ibhuloho - Ukuvivinywa phansi Umhlahlandlela

Ochungechungeni lokuqala “lwemihlahlandlela yezinkundla” sifaka iTrent Bridge enemininingwane yokuhleleka komhlaba kanye nezindawo ezinhle kakhulu zokuhlala

Ukuze uqale nge, nansi umfanekiso emhlabathini, ori­ented prop­erly to the com­pass, futhi nge zezitsha esinelebuli ye

Trent Bridge

Radcliffe Road Stand (ngokusemthethweni Trent Bridge Cricket Centre)

Radcliffe ukuma komgwaqoThe Rad­cliffe road stand is a large, 3 tiered ukuma, with the com­ment­ary box in the centre. On our last vis­it to Trent Bridge we sat in the Rad­cliffe road stand and on our way to our seats encountered Sir Ian Botham and Michael Vaughan. The view from the upper parts of the stand is very sim­il­ar to the view on TV (isigamu overs okungenani).  The stand also faces South so catches a lot of sun. The Upper 2 tiers are exposed to the ele­ments without any cov­er, ngenkathi tier engezansi ikakhulu imbozwe imikhakha engenhla, although the front rows are likely to catch any rain that falls. As you can see on the pic­ture, if you’re seated at the West­ern side of the upper-most tier you are likely to get some shade later in the after­noon. The middle tier has an elev­a­tion of at least 10m and the upper tier an elev­a­tion of at least 14m. Along with the Hound Road stand the Rad­cliffe Road stand is typ­ic­ally where the highest priced tick­ets are located.

William Clarke Stand

UWilliam Clarke ukumaThe Wil­li­am Clarke stand is an alco­hol free stand which can be thought of as the “fam­ily stand”. Dis­coun­ted tick­ets for fam­ily groups, under 21s and juni­ors are often avail­able only in this stand.

Parr Stand & West Wing Stand (Now replaced by the “New Stand”)

ukuma entshaThe most recent upgrade to Trent Bridge was recently com­pleted, with the “New Stand” repla­cing the Parr and West Wing Stands. The image above still shows the old stands as the google-earth imagery pred­ates the upgrade of the ground. The New stand has an upward curving roof which offers shel­ter to the rear 13 of the seats. The front 23 of the seats remain vul­ner­able to rain how­ever. The stand faces North-East and with the arched roof is well shaded. Oth­er than the fam­ily dis­counts in the Wil­li­am Clarke stand the New Stand (kanye ukuma Fox Road) typ­ic­ally have the cheapest tickets.

Amalungu Pavillion

amalungu PavillionThe Mem­bers Pavil­lion (along with the Lar­wood and Voce Stand) is only avail­able to Not­ting­ham­shire CCC mem­bers. Mem­ber­ship costs around £150 (around £100 for seni­or citizens).

Hound Road Stand

hound ukuma komgwaqoAlong with the Rad­cliffe Road stand the Hound Road stand is typ­ic­ally where the highest priced tick­ets are loc­ated. It has 2 eziyizitezi, with the upper tier hav­ing an elev­a­tion of at least 6m.

Larwood & nto Stand

larwood ame izwiThe Lar­wood and Voce Stand (along with the Pavil­lion) is only avail­able to Not­ting­ham­shire CCC mem­bers. Mem­ber­ship costs around £150 (around £100 for seni­or citizens).

Fox Road Stand

fox ukuma komgwaqoOth­er than the fam­ily dis­counts in the Wil­li­am Clarke stand the Fox Road stand (kanye ne Stand New) typ­ic­ally have the cheapest tick­ets. The Fox Road stand is also the stand which usu­ally hosts the Barmy Army, and the most rauc­ous atmosphere.

links Ezokuthuthaizithuthi zomphakathi isitimela ibhasi

izithuthi zomphakathi

Trent Bridge is a mere 1.0 mile from the main Rail sta­tion in Not­ting­ham. You can either walk which takes about 20 minutes, ibhesi (isb. #11) which costs £1.70 for adults and £1 for chil­dren, noma bathathe itekisi nxazonke £ 5.

Park and Ride

Not­ting­ham is well served by the M1 from both North and South. Once in the city drivers can make use of the Event­Link Park and Ride ser­vice provided by Not­ting­ham and Derby loc­al author­it­ies. For pre­vi­ous Test matches this ser­vice has run from the Queen’s Drive Park & Ride site futhi kubiza £ 4 imoto ngayinye kuze kube 4 people. The ser­vice runs to out­side San­d­icliffe Ford on Lough­bor­ough Road which is with­in 100m of the ground. Not­ting­ham­shire CCC provide up‑to-date inform­a­tion for spe­cif­ic events on their site.  From the north take M1 junc­tion 26 and then fol­low the A610, A6514 and A52 a total of 6.1 miles. From the south take M1 junc­tion 24 and then fol­low the A453 and A52 for 9.1 miles.

kwasemini ukudla isiphuzoUkudla

Like most oth­er sport­ing aren­as you aren’t allowed to take bottles or cans into the ground, includ­ing soft drinks and water. Drinks are avail­able in the ground, typ­ic­ally from around £3.50 — £4.00 per drink for alco­hol­ic bever­ages. The good news is that you can take your own food into the ground.

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