0मूर उन्हाळ्यात वर्ग गरज इंग्लंड

अलीकडील संगीताच्या अभावाबद्दल दिलगीर आहोत आणि हे सर्व माझ्या घरातल्या जागेत नवीन येण्यामुळे आहे (आणि झोप) तासांवर पूर्णपणे बाटली आहार सत्रे आणि नप्पी बदलांचे वर्चस्व असते - हो थोडेसे बॅम्बिनो आले आहे. Give her about 18 years and she’ll be play­ing for England.
असं असलं तरी; व्यवसाय.
तसेच, विल्यम शेक्सपियरला काहीतरी सांगायचे, इंग्लंडसाठी असंतोषाचा हिवाळा होता. अ‍ॅशेसमधील चक्क अयोग्य कामगिरीनंतर बहुतेकांना वाटलं असेल की हे आणखी वाईट होऊ शकत नाही. हे केले - नेदरलँड्स विरुद्ध अपमानजनक पराभव (जरी तो ‘मृत रबर’ होता) निर्णायक डी कृपा सिद्ध. त्याआधी आणि त्या अंतिम शॅम्बोलिक आऊटमध्ये काही उच्च व्यक्तिंचा मृत्यू झाला आहे - गेले प्रशिक्षक अँडी फ्लॉवर, मिडल ऑर्डरचा मुख्य आधार जोनाथन ट्रॉट आणि फिरकी किंग ग्रीम स्वान. आणि मग अर्थातच केव्हिन पीटरसनभोवती संपूर्ण गाथा आहे. Glove­man Matt Pri­or will also be nervously look­ing over his shoulder as oth­ers threaten his place in the side.

So what of the com­ing sum­mer? With Pietersen gone the argu­ment is that the team is far more har­mo­ni­ous. Only those who were for­tu­nate or unfor­tu­nate to have a place in the dress­ing room over the past year or so quite know what has gone with him. Was a case of little things build­ing up and tak­ing their toll? Such as his highly frus­trat­ing abil­ity to get out by play­ing ridicu­lous shots when a cool and meas­ured approach was needed to steady a middle-order col­lapse? कदाचित. I’m still not sure he was ever com­pletely for­giv­en for his role in the fal­lout fol­low­ing on the texts received by South Afric­ans about the team and cap­tain. कोण माहीत आहे. Whatever – he is now gone and the team must move on – but they have lost their sprink­ling of star-dust – their star play­er. Man­age­ment is all about man­aging indi­vidu­als – someone some­where should have been able to man­age him in a con­struct­ive manner.
And what of the appoint­ment of Peter Moores? I can’t say I’m con­vinced. It seems a bit of a ‘steady’ choice to me – I’m sure he will be able to do a job of sorts but the chal­lenge for Any Flower’s replace­ment was to get Eng­land back at the top of the world rank­ings – to prove that the Aus­sie shambles was a mere blip – a series to for­get and to move on from. Moores does not inspire me with the con­fid­ence to do that. Pre­vi­ous inter­na­tion­al exper­i­ence shouldn’t neces­sar­ily bar someone from inter­na­tion­al man­age­ment but a coach needs to have the know­ledge and the foresight to com­pete at the very highest level. दक्षिण आफ्रिका मारहाण करतो व ऍशेस हक्क.
Only time will tell how far he can take Eng­land. But there are some decisions to be made – and they need mak­ing quickly – who replaces Trott and Pietersen in the middle order? Owain Mor­gan and Jonny Bair­stow have yet to con­vince at test level. Bopa­ra isn’t good enough. Gary Bal­lance hasn’t yet had the chance to put down a mark­er hav­ing only played the one test. Does he stick with Michael Car­berry at the top of the order? Does Pri­or keep the gloves? Does Chris Jordan get the chance to con­vert a prom­ising one-day and T20 inter­na­tion­al career into test match exper­i­ence as the third choice seamer?
Whatever hap­pens an excit­ing sum­mer awaits!

हे उपयुक्त सापडले? खाली एक टिप्पणी ड्रॉप करून आम्हाला कळवा कृपया. आपण सदस्यता करू इच्छित असल्यास कृपया वरच्या उजव्या मेनूवर सदस्यता दुवा वापरा. आपण खालील सामाजिक दुवे वापरून आपल्या मित्रांसह शेअर करू शकता. आणि आपण ते करतोय.

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