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0Pitch Perfect Engeland Het jy 'n Sterner Toets

So the first test of the sum­mer is at an end. Well done Eng­land for a vic­tory for what was really a match of men against boys.

Sri Lanka is, te gebruik wat dikwels voorgehou klank-byt, a team in “trans­ition” and boy did it show. Dit moet in gedagte gehou word, how­ever, that they kept a strong Eng­land bat­ting line up to a tad under the 300 mark – and half of those runs came from the excel­lent Jonny Bair­stow. Alex Hales did well too with a decent knock and must be kick­ing him­self he didn’t con­vert it into a ton. Was dit nie vir dié twee is dit dalk 'n nader hardloop ding gewees. We will nev­er know.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Die as urnEerste terugslag vir Engeland

So die Ashes is aan die gang weer met geen groot verrassings tot dusver. Australië het die loot gewen en gekolf, Engeland het uitgekom met die bal en maak die lewe moeilik vir 'n baie gemiddelde soek Australiese kolflys. Die man van die dag was sonder twyfel Stuart Broad, who should have now silenced all but the most loud-mouthed of his crit­ics.… Lees die volledige artikel

1Die as urnAustralia hold the upper hand — in a dead rubber match

Two days in and Aus­tralia cer­tainly have the upper hand. Maar so what. The Ashes are won and won pretty con­vin­cingly at that. This is a dead-rub­ber match and is very remin­is­cent of Ashes series of old when Eng­land used to sud­denly pull a decent per­form­ance out of the hat when the urn was in the pos­ses­sion of the Aus­sies. Play­ers who time and time again let the team down would sud­denly grab a five-for or score a cen­tury and their series aver­age to the his­tor­ic observ­er would look half-decent.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Die as urnHartaanval wink na nervewracking finale

SJOE!!  What a match. Gran­ted the shock­ing umpir­ing decisions (wanneer jy sluit 3ST skeidsregters) per­haps made it a little closer than it should have been (Alhoewel beide kante gely) but what a fant­ast­ic advert YET AGAIN for test match crick­et.

Going into this series it looked like it was going to be hard going for Aus­tralia. On paper only three play­ers, op sy beste, would make it into the Eng­land start­ing XI from the Aus­trali­an squad – Clarke, Wat­son and Siddle. Few people gave them a chance. But through some hero­ic dis­plays they proved that, wanneer dit kom by die As ten minste, as a team they are great­er than the sum of their indi­vidu­al parts.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Die as urnDays Two and Three — A Right Old See Saw

I was so incensed last night at England’s abil­ity to snatch defeat from the jaws of vic­tory by fail­ing to bowl a debut 19 year old num­ber 11 rab­bit out (helped by an appalling umpir­ing decision) and then their per­fect fol­low­ing of the script by los­ing two crick­et wick­ets in reply (let weer - verskriklike besluit) that I was unable to put key­board to laptop.

It looked that today might a have been a second day of radio silence but Eng­land man­aged to dig deep and loc­ate some so far as of yet reserves of guts and bottle (Ander­son aside). Well played to Cook and to KP for some decent con­tri­bu­tions but espe­cially to Ian Bell. I’ve been one of his harshest crit­ics of late – but only because he hasn’t been weigh­ing in with decent scores when they mat­ter. Maar vandag is dit tyd om te stap tot by die plaat en hy het so gedoen, ably assisted by Broad at the oth­er end.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Die as urnDag een van die groot slag. teleurstelling

All I can say after the first day of this summer’s Ashes is that I’m hugely dis­ap­poin­ted. Intriguing test match crick­et at its best yes, but a strong mark­er put down by a dom­in­ant Eng­land against an aver­age test team, geen.

Bejaardes 33 I am used to Eng­land fold­ing against far super­i­or Aus­sie teams but this time round it was meant to be dif­fer­ent.

On paper Eng­land should wal­lop this lot. The bowl­ers are far super­i­or and the bats­men for the most part bet­ter than theirs.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Die as urnDit is tyd ... Ashes voorspellings

so, the biggest sport­ing event of 2013 is uiteindelik op ons, which means it’s time for me to stick my neck out and pre­dict a res­ult. I’ll start by con­fid­ently pre­dict­ing an Eng­land vic­tory. I’m not so con­fid­ent of the mar­gin of vic­tory but I think it will be at least 2, but as I don’t think Eng­land will ever have a bet­ter chance I’m going to really risk the “com­ment­at­ors curse” and sug­gest Eng­land could man­age a 5 0 white­wash.

I’m not con­vinced that Aus­tralia have an exper­i­enced enough bowl­ing attack to exploit the Eng­land weak­nesses. I am sure the Aus­trali­an bat­ting line up is going to be giv­en a rough time by the Eng­land seam­ers and the 6 left handers are going to struggle on dry wick­ets against Graeme Swan.  Unless weath­er or injur­ies inter­vene I don’t see how the Aus­sies can outscore Eng­land con­sist­ently.

If Eng­land can make 350+ in die eerste beurt (hav­ing won the toss) Ek verwag dat hulle die eerste toets te wen.  Ek sal raai die tellings sal wees oor 400, 350, 300, 200 which will give Eng­land a 150 run vic­tory around lunch on day 5. Let’s find out how silly I look by Sunday after­noon…

0Engeland teen Nieu-SeelandEngeland vs Nieu-Seeland: Eerste toets - Engeland Eis die Honneurs

Na so 'n stadige begin tot die spel van die eerste toets klaar te breek nek spoed vandag - en wat 'n optrede deur Stuart Broad aan die geruite vlag in te samel.

Nie net het hy klub 20 vreemd belangrik lopies (nie uit) as Engeland se kolfbeurt het om 'n vinnige en teleurstellend einde maar het hy dit deur 'n spel van die hoogste vinnig medium boulwerk wat die Nieu-Seelandse orde afgemaai.

Wanneer Broad is on-lied soos wat hy vandag is daar is eenvoudig geen keer aan hom en hy kan feitlik onspeelbaar wees. Die laaste keer dat hy het 'n vertoning soos dit was teen die ou vyand op die Oval in die 2009 Ashes botsing. Ek aangeteken die hoogtepunte van die dag se spel en het hulle vir 'n paar jaar net so kon ek dit weer en weer kyk. Daardie dag het hy 'n 5-vir, beweer die paaltjies van Watson, Ponting, Hussey, Clarke and Had­din – so pretty much the Aus­trali­an top order.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Engeland teen Nieu-SeelandEngeland teen Nieu-Seeland: eerste toets, dag 3 — Match Nicely Poised

What a topsy turvy match is prov­ing to be! Drie dae weg en dit is nog steeds baie onduidelik wat op die top.

Tot net voor 18:00 was dit baie Engeland se dag.  The bowl­ers stepped up to the plate and man­aged to eek out a slight lead. And then the young pre­tend­er Root hit a steady half cen­tury well sup­por­ted by the even stead­i­er Trott.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Engeland teen Nieu-SeelandEngeland teen Nieu-Seeland: eerste toets, dag 2 - O Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Anderson ...

Of so het die lied gaan.

A review of the second day’s play would always be incom­plete with a nod towards shin­ing star James Ander­son.

By dis­miss­ing Kiwi open­er Peter Fulton (his second wick­et of the innings) Jimmy became only the fourth mem­ber of England’s pres­ti­gi­ous 300 klub. Ian Botham, Bob Wil­lis and Fiery Fred True­man are the only oth­er cur­rent cus­todi­ans.… Lees die volledige artikel