مراسلات ٹیگ: پہلا ٹیسٹ

0پچ پرفیکٹ انگلینڈ کو ایک سخت ٹیسٹ کی ضرورت

So the first test of the sum­mer is at an end. Well done Eng­land for a vic­tory for what was really a match of men against boys.

سری لنکا سے ہیں, استعمال کرنے کے لئے اکثر ٹال دیا کہ آواز کاٹنے, a team in “trans­ition” and boy did it show. یہ یاد کرنا ضروری ہے, how­ever, that they kept a strong Eng­land bat­ting line up to a tad under the 300 mark – and half of those runs came from the excel­lent Jonny Bair­stow. Alex Hales did well too with a decent knock and must be kick­ing him­self he didn’t con­vert it into a ton. یہ ان دو نہ ہوتی جو ہو سکتا ہے کو قریب چھپائی چیز کیا گیا ہے. We will nev­er know.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0ایشز کلشانگلینڈ پہلا دھچکا

So the Ashes are under way again with no great sur­prises so far. Aus­tralia won the toss and bat­ted, Eng­land came out with the ball and made life dif­fi­cult for a very aver­age look­ing Aus­trali­an bat­ting line-up. The man of the day was without doubt Stu­art Broad, who should have now silenced all but the most loud-mouthed of his crit­ics.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

1ایشز کلشAustralia hold the upper hand — in a dead rubber match

Two days in and Aus­tralia cer­tainly have the upper hand. لیکن تو کیا. The Ashes are won and won pretty con­vin­cingly at that. This is a dead-rub­ber match and is very remin­is­cent of Ashes series of old when Eng­land used to sud­denly pull a decent per­form­ance out of the hat when the urn was in the pos­ses­sion of the Aus­sies. Play­ers who time and time again let the team down would sud­denly grab a five-for or score a cen­tury and their series aver­age to the his­tor­ic observ­er would look half-decent.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0ایشز کلشدل کا دورہ nervewracking اختتام تقریب کے بعد لبھا

WOW!!  What a match. Gran­ted the shock­ing umpir­ing decisions (when you include 3RD umpires) per­haps made it a little closer than it should have been (although both sides suffered) but what a fant­ast­ic advert YET AGAIN for test match crick­et.

Going into this series it looked like it was going to be hard going for Aus­tralia. On paper only three play­ers, بہترین, would make it into the Eng­land start­ing XI from the Aus­trali­an squad – Clarke, Wat­son and Siddle. Few people gave them a chance. But through some hero­ic dis­plays they proved that, when it comes to the Ashes at least, as a team they are great­er than the sum of their indi­vidu­al parts.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0ایشز کلشDays Two and Three — A Right Old See Saw

I was so incensed last night at England’s abil­ity to snatch defeat from the jaws of vic­tory by fail­ing to bowl a debut 19 year old num­ber 11 rab­bit out (helped by an appalling umpir­ing decision) and then their per­fect fol­low­ing of the script by los­ing two crick­et wick­ets in reply (ایک بار پھر توجہ فرمائیں - انتہائی خراب فیصلے) that I was unable to put key­board to laptop.

It looked that today might a have been a second day of radio silence but Eng­land man­aged to dig deep and loc­ate some so far as of yet reserves of guts and bottle (Ander­son aside). Well played to Cook and to KP for some decent con­tri­bu­tions but espe­cially to Ian Bell. I’ve been one of his harshest crit­ics of late – but only because he hasn’t been weigh­ing in with decent scores when they mat­ter. لیکن آج یہ پلیٹ قدم کا وقت تھا اور اس نے ایسا ہی کیا, ably assisted by Broad at the oth­er end.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0ایشز کلشبڑی لڑائی کے دن ایک. مایوسی

All I can say after the first day of this summer’s Ashes is that I’m hugely dis­ap­poin­ted. Intriguing test match crick­et at its best yes, but a strong mark­er put down by a dom­in­ant Eng­land against an aver­age test team, نہیں.

عمر 33 I am used to Eng­land fold­ing against far super­i­or Aus­sie teams but this time round it was meant to be dif­fer­ent.

On paper Eng­land should wal­lop this lot. The bowl­ers are far super­i­or and the bats­men for the most part bet­ter than theirs.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0ایشز کلشIt’s time… Ashes predictions

تو, the biggest sport­ing event of 2013 ہم پر آخر میں ہے, which means it’s time for me to stick my neck out and pre­dict a res­ult. I’ll start by con­fid­ently pre­dict­ing an Eng­land vic­tory. I’m not so con­fid­ent of the mar­gin of vic­tory but I think it will be at least 2, but as I don’t think Eng­land will ever have a bet­ter chance I’m going to really risk the “com­ment­at­ors curse” and sug­gest Eng­land could man­age a 5 0 white­wash.

I’m not con­vinced that Aus­tralia have an exper­i­enced enough bowl­ing attack to exploit the Eng­land weak­nesses. I am sure the Aus­trali­an bat­ting line up is going to be giv­en a rough time by the Eng­land seam­ers and the 6 left handers are going to struggle on dry wick­ets against Graeme Swan.  Unless weath­er or injur­ies inter­vene I don’t see how the Aus­sies can outscore Eng­land con­sist­ently.

If Eng­land can make 350+ پہلی اننگز میں (hav­ing won the toss) میں نے ان سے پہلا ٹیسٹ جیتنے کی امید.  I’ll guess the scores will be about 400, 350, 300, 200 which will give Eng­land a 150 run vic­tory around lunch on day 5. Let’s find out how silly I look by Sunday after­noon…

0انگلینڈ بمقابلہ نیوزی لینڈانگلینڈ نے نیوزی لینڈ بمقابلہ: First Test — England Claim the Honours

After such a slow start to the game the first test fin­ished at break neck speed today – and what a per­form­ance by Stu­art Broad to raise the chequered flag.

وہ کلب نے کیا ہے نہ صرف 20 odd import­ant runs (ناٹ آؤٹ) as England’s innings came to a quick and dis­ap­point­ing end but he fol­lowed that by a spell of supreme fast-medi­um bowl­ing which decim­ated the New Zea­l­and order.

When Broad is on-song like that he was today there is simply no stop­ping him and he can be vir­tu­ally unplay­able. The last time he delivered a per­form­ance like this was against the Old Enemy at the Oval in the 2009 ایشز جھڑپ. I recor­ded the high­lights of that day’s play and kept them for a few years just so I could watch it again and again. That day he got a 5‑for, claim­ing the scalps of Wat­son, Pont­ing, Hus­sey, Clarke and Had­din – so pretty much the Aus­trali­an top order.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0انگلینڈ بمقابلہ نیوزی لینڈانگلینڈ بمقابلہ نیوزی لینڈ: پہلا ٹیسٹ, ڈے 3 — Match Nicely Poised

What a topsy turvy match is prov­ing to be! تین دن چلے گئے ہیں اور یہ اب بھی بہت واضح نہیں ہے جو سب سے اوپر پر ہے.

ذرا پہلے 6PM تک یہ بہت بہت انگلینڈ کے دن تھا.  The bowl­ers stepped up to the plate and man­aged to eek out a slight lead. And then the young pre­tend­er Root hit a steady half cen­tury well sup­por­ted by the even stead­i­er Trott.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں

0انگلینڈ بمقابلہ نیوزی لینڈانگلینڈ بمقابلہ نیوزی لینڈ: پہلا ٹیسٹ, ڈے 2 - ارے جمی, جمی, جمی, جمی اینڈرسن ...

یا تو گانا جاتا.

A review of the second day’s play would always be incom­plete with a nod towards shin­ing star James Ander­son.

By dis­miss­ing Kiwi open­er Peter Fulton (his second wick­et of the innings) Jimmy became only the fourth mem­ber of England’s pres­ti­gi­ous 300 کلب. ایان بوتھم, Bob Wil­lis and Fiery Fred True­man are the only oth­er cur­rent cus­todi­ans.… مکمل مضمون پڑھیں