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لعبة الأعصاب?

إنجلترا وويلز مجلس الكريكيت شعار

ومن ذلك الوقت مرة أخرى - ليالي طويلة, الهواء البارد, ولكن سرعان ما سوف الراديو النار في الحياة وجلب أصوات الصيف الاسترالي لآذاننا. سيأتي انجلترا مرة أخرى من تبرئة السابق بالفوز (كما فعلوا في 2010-11, أو سوف أستراليا إكمال 3الثالثة white­wash in… اقرأ أكثر "

حيث أننا كان?

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We’ve had rather an exten­ded hiatus over the last year or so with one author start­ing a fam­ily and myself par­tic­u­larly busy with work from Septem­ber to May. But over the com­ing months we hope to get back to our best. And we couldn’t have come back to crick­et time at a bet­ter time for… اقرأ أكثر "

جرايم سوان تعلن التقاعد فورا

Amongst the wreck­age of the Ashes tour comes anoth­er seis­mic bomb­shell — the best Eng­lish spin­ner in a gen­er­a­tion has handed his tick­et in. Yes it’s true — Graeme Swann has announced his imme­di­ate retire­ment. ويا لها من خسارة كبيرة. Swann was a great play­er, com­pet­it­or, fight­er and all-round team man. He could even hold a… اقرأ أكثر "

England — just what is up??

What has happened to Eng­land? في الاختبارات الماضيين أنها كانت مروعة. I can’t think of any pos­it­ives to take out of either game. The bat­ting line up has been short of runs for some time now. The bowl­ers won the Ashes for Eng­land last time round, des­pite the best efforts of the… اقرأ أكثر "

Aussies Tonked — Now to the Future

إنجلترا وويلز مجلس الكريكيت شعار

Firstly an apo­logy for not updat­ing the site much of late – along with the oth­er author for this site I’ve been on a drive through Europe. لقد عدنا الآن على الرغم من, لذلك لا خوف. وبالتالي, Eng­land wrapped up the Ashes with a barn­storm­ing per­form­ance on the last day to well and truly send them… اقرأ أكثر "

A growing number of bad DRS decisions…

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وبالتالي, the intriguing 1شارع Ashes Test at Trent Bridge con­tin­ues to be excit­ing with no clear win­ner emer­ging as yet. How­ever I want to look back to a poten­tially key moment of the game — the “not out” decision giv­en to Australia’s Agar. Let me be clear — no fault can be laid on any… اقرأ أكثر "

Blofeld & Baxter — Memories Of Test Match Special

Blofeld & باكستر

A couple of nights back I went to Shef­field City Hall with a few of the fam­ily to see Henry Blofeld and Peter Bax­ter doing what they do best — telling stor­ies and reveal­ing some of what goes on in the TMS box. Unlike many “per­formers” they star­ted on time at 7:30 and car­ried on… اقرأ أكثر "

Best England XI of the last 20 years

Reg­u­lar read­ers of my wit­ter­ings will know that Test Crick­et holds sway for me. It’s what makes crick­et great. So the Cham­pi­ons Trophy cur­rently being played in Eng­land has got me thinking…what is the best XI for Eng­land in recent times? The first ques­tion, بالتاكيد, هو كيف تعرف 'الأخيرة'? Well for the… اقرأ أكثر "