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0logo Internasionale Krieketraadwat het gebeur met 2018

Dit was 'n lang tyd sedert ons ons gedagtes gedeel oor die wêreld van krieket. Daar is baie gebeur het in daardie tyd. Met Engeland en Australië te stel om te veg weer doen, in beide ODI en toetskrieket vir beide mans en vroue nie minder, Dit is hoog tyd dat ons gedek sommige van die laaste 18 maande.
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0Engeland en Wallis Krieketraad logo'N spel van senuwee?

Dit is weer daardie tyd - die nagte is lank, die lug is koud, maar gou die radio sal brand in die lewe en bring die klanke van die Australiese somer in ons ore. Sal Engeland terug te kom uit die vorige kalk met 'n oorwinning (as wat hulle gedoen het in 2010-11, of sal Australië voltooi 'n 3ST afwit in 4 reeks. Ek vir een is weddery dit sal nie 'n trekking wees!
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0Aanbid Krieket logoWaar het ons?

We’ve had rather an exten­ded hiatus over the last year or so with one author start­ing a fam­ily and myself par­tic­u­larly busy with work from Septem­ber to May. But over the com­ing months we hope to get back to our best. And we could­n’t have come back to crick­et time at a bet­ter time for Eng­land fans.

0Graeme Swann kondig onmiddellike aftrede

Amongst the wreck­age of the Ashes tour comes anoth­er seis­mic bomb­shell — the best Eng­lish spin­ner in a gen­er­a­tion has handed his tick­et in.

Yes it’s true — Graeme Swann has announced his imme­di­ate retire­ment. Wat 'n massiewe verlies. Swann was a great play­er, com­pet­it­or, fight­er and all-round team man. Hy kan selfs hou 'n kolf op die regte manier ronde.

Hav­ing taken 255 wick­ets in his test career at a shade under 30 n stuk, sy rekord is daar vir almal om te sien en dit gaan baie moeilik om hom te vervang te wees. As always with Eng­land there’s hardly a queue of spin­ners banging down the door to take his place in the side. So does that mean we go back to the days of only ever pick­ing a twirler when the pitch suits rather than a first choice?... Lees die volledige artikel

1England — just what is up??

What has happened to Eng­land? In die laaste twee toetse het hulle verskriklik gewees. I can’t think of any pos­it­ives to take out of either game.

The bat­ting line up has been short of runs for some time now. The bowl­ers won the Ashes for Eng­land last time round, des­pite the best efforts of the much her­al­ded bat­ting line up to snatch defeat from the jaws of vic­tory (the won­der­ful Bell aside) en nou, in Aus­trali­an con­di­tions, Eng­land are really up against it. The bats­men are con­tinu­ing to struggle but what is most wor­ry­ing is the way they are get­ting out – care­less and lazy shots and a lack of applic­a­tion. You expect fire­works from Kev­in Pieterson early on in an innings but not the oth­ers.… Lees die volledige artikel

1Engeland en Wallis Krieketraad logoAussies Tonked — Now to the Future

Firstly an apo­logy for not updat­ing the site much of late – along with the oth­er author for this site I’ve been on a drive through Europe.

Ons is nou al terug, so bang nie.

so, Eng­land wrapped up the Ashes with a barn­storm­ing per­form­ance on the last day to well and truly send them pack­ing. A lot has been writ­ten already about England’s per­form­ance and, in par­tic­u­lar, Stu­art Broad’s per­form­ance. It was excel­lent, einde van.

So I’m going to con­cen­trate on some­thing a little dif­fer­ent, 'n bietjie off-sentrum as jy wil.

When Aus­tralia were at their peak a few years back (lyk so lank gelede nou!) the one mis­take they made was not to blood up-and-com­ing young­sters so they had a chance to exper­i­ence the highs and lows of test match crick­et.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Hotspot Snickometer Hawkeye DRSHoekom is DRS tegnologie kom onder skoot?

I actu­ally star­ted the out­line of this art­icle over 2 weeks ago. Since then I’ve been abroad, whilst the cri­ti­cisms of DRS have just got louder. There wont be any fence sit­ting from me — I’m a big fan of the DRS sys­tem, and I intend to deal with all the cri­ti­cisms I’ve heard and put for­ward a sol­id case for the use of tech­no­logy in crick­et.
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0Hotspot Snickometer Hawkeye DRS'N groeiende aantal slegte DRS besluite ...

so, the intriguing 1st Ashes Test at Trent Bridge con­tin­ues to be excit­ing with no clear win­ner emer­ging as yet. How­ever I want to look back to a poten­tially key moment of the game — the “not out” decision giv­en to Aus­trali­a’s Agar. Let me be clear — no fault can be laid on any of the play­ers or on-field umpires — only on the DRS sys­tem and the umpire man­aging it. There have been sev­er­al wrong decisions in this Test match and in the recent cham­pi­ons trophy, lets look at each of them in turn.… Lees die volledige artikel

0Blofeld & BaxterBlofeld & Baxter - Memories Of Toets wedstryd Spesiale

A couple of nights back I went to Shef­field City Hall with a few of the fam­ily to see Henry Blofeld and Peter Bax­ter doing what they do best — telling stor­ies and reveal­ing some of what goes on in the TMS box. Unlike many “per­formers” they star­ted on time at 7:30 and car­ried on (with a short inter­val) until past 10pm. If they’re com­ing to a place near you and you have a free even­ing I really recom­mend get­ting a tick­et and going down — it was one of the best even­ings of enter­tain­ment a crick­et fan could ask for… Lees die volledige artikel