0क्रिकेट की पारंपरिक आत्माक्रिकेट की भावना कहाँ है?

इसलिए हम आईसीसी चैंपियन ट्रॉफी में केवल x दिन हैं और वहाँ रहे हैं 2 टूर्नामेंट में खिलाड़ियों को शामिल करने वाली बहुत निराशाजनक घटनाएं, पिच पर एक और एक बंद। जबकि क्रिकेट में जुए से जुड़े भ्रष्टाचार का मुद्दा रहा है (उदाहरण के लिए:. हैंसी क्रोनिए या स्पॉट-फिक्सिंग कांड 2011) खेल में खिलाड़ियों के बीच अच्छी भावना और ईमानदारी से खेलने की प्रतिष्ठा है। क्या ये हालिया घटनाएं एक संकेत हैं कि समय बदल रहा है, या वे केवल एक दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण ब्लिप हैं?

शुरुआत से: कदम आगे वेस्टइंडीज के विकेटकीपर दिनेश रामदीन

Ram­d­in has been banned for 2 games after cel­eb­rat­ing a catch which he had actu­ally dropped. Before I say any more about the incid­ent I sug­gest you watch the clip your­selfI’m still unde­cided about how I feel about the ban. Whilst there is no doubt Ram­d­in should have told the umpire he had dropped the catch, it appears from the clips that I’ve seen that the team were fully cel­eb­rat­ing, and the umpire had raised the fin­ger, before Ram­d­in gets to his feet and runs to join the team. Until that point he does­n’t jump or or throw the ball up as is nor­mal to do when claim­ing a wick­et. If he did­n’t claim the catch, or cel­eb­rate the catch, but just went along with the decision without say­ing any­thing is this any worse than when bats­men fail to walk know­ing full well that they have nicked the ballYes it’s unsport­ing, and yes he should have been hon­est, but I feel a ban would have been more worthy if he had act­ively claimed the wick­et. On the oth­er hand, my sym­pathy is very lim­ited, and I hope this will send a mes­sage to play­ers about the import­ance of the spir­it of the game.

घटना 2: आगे कदम ऑस्ट्रेलिया डेविड वार्नर

Accord­ing to media reports Dav­id Warner launched an unpro­voked attack on England’s new star Joe Root in the early hours fol­low­ing England’s vic­tory over Aus­tralia in the Cham­pi­ons Trophy group match. Whilst some have said the Eng­land play­ers should­n’t have been in an Aus­trali­an themed bar, or that they should­n’t have been out at all, I dis­agree. Crick­eters of oppos­ing teams have his­tor­ic­ally enjoyed a drink with each oth­er after a game has fin­ished and this is a very good thing. Mutu­al respect and even friend­ship between oppon­ents is some­thing to uphold and cher­ish. The issue of times is a decision the play­ers and team man­age­ment are entitled to and it is clear from inter­views that Cap­tain Cook was quite happy for the play­ers to have take a rare oppor­tun­ity to let their hair down. Expect­ing or demand­ing that play­ers nev­er be allowed to have a “night off” is both unreas­on­able and only likely to drive the beha­viour underground.

इसलिए, the Eng­land side of thing dealt with lets (संक्षिप्त) talk about the per­pet­rat­or. It is now clear that the attack involved a punch and was unpro­voked. This is totally inap­pro­pri­ate beha­viour and there can be no excuses made. Whilst it is always bet­ter to be gen­er­ous in judge­ment, की उम्र में 26 Warner needs to ensure that this is his last ser­i­ous incid­ent of this sort. His swift and sin­cere sound­ing apo­logy may just have dug him out of a hole, and his abil­ity on the field means we should be grate­ful that he is still likely to fea­ture in the upcom­ing Ashes series. The repu­ta­tion of Aus­tralia, and Crick­et as a sport has been dam­aged by his actions and he would be well advised to keep his future ener­gies focused on the pitch.

दोनों श्री वार्नर के लिए, and any­one else feel­ing any hard feel­ings towards the oppos­i­tion I recom­mend re-watch­ing the end of the second Test from the 2005 Ashes — a एंड्रयू फ्लिंटॉफ और ब्रेट ली के बीच पल that far bet­ter rep­res­ents the game than some stu­pid drunk­en mis­take in a bar.

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