0TMSTMS - A aqinisekisayo eBukhoneni e Brexiting Times

ngoLwesine 23 June Bri­tain voted to leave the European Union.

Driv­ing home from work I switched on the radio and was greeted by the wel­com­ing and sooth­ing tones of the BBC’s cov­er­age of the crick­et. Jonath­an Agnew was hold­ing court and sud­denly all felt good again.
Of course I’m not crazy enough to sug­gest that Test Match Spe­cial (noma TMS njengoba Ufika saba) is a cure for all the world’s many ills but to hear that crick­et is still being played and calm col­lec­ted voices are point­ing out the rel­at­ive mer­its of a sol­id for­ward defens­ive — well as long as it’s going I guess I will be too!

UCABANGANI? Beka amazwana ngezansi! Uma ungathanda ukuba ubhalise sicela usebenzise ubhalisele isixhumanisi on the imenyu at ilungelo phezulu. Ungase futhi wabelane le nabangani bakho ngokusebenzisa links social ngezansi. cheers.

shiya impendulo