0The Ashes urnEngland win the Ashes… again

No, I’m not a week late with this rev­el­a­tion — I’m refer­ring to the Eng­land women’s crick­et team, who have car­ried on the good work star­ted by the men by giv­ing the Aus­tralia women a good thump­ing.

The sys­tem isn’t quite as simple as the men’s ver­sion, with the women play­ing 1 test, 3 50 over games and 3 T20 games.  The test match was drawn and Aus­tralia won the first 50-over game.  Since then Eng­land have won 4 on the trot to go 10–4 up in points with only 1 match (worth 2 points) to play.  Con­grat­u­la­tions to the women and let’s hope they fin­ish the series in style by dish­ing out anoth­er defeat at Chester-le-Street on Sat­urday.

Now that both our men and women are vic­tori­ous I feel its OK to retell this joke I heard recently… What do you call an Aus­sie who can handle a bat?  A vet!

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