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2019 Ashes

The Ashes urn

So, with the crick­et world cup almost over, it’s time to start think­ing about the main event of the crick­et­ing sum­mer: the Ashes! In the last install­ment Eng­land were once again soundly beaten down under, but they haven’t lost at home for 18 years. On paper both sides have some top play­ers, so it looks like… Read more »

England in need of Moore summer class

Apo­lo­gies one and all for a lack of recent mus­ings – it’s all due to a new arrival in the house­hold which has meant my wak­ing (and sleep­ing) hours are com­pletely dom­in­ated by bottle feed­ing ses­sions and nappy changes – yes a little bambino has arrived. Give her about 18 years and she’ll be play­ing for… Read more »

Ashes to Ashes, England to Dust

For what I am about to say may I be struck down from above…but I am glad that this Ashes series is at an end. Quite simply Aus­tralia have played far bet­ter than the sum of their indi­vidu­al parts and Eng­land have been, for the large part, abso­lutely diabol­ic­al. As sure as night fol­lows day… Read more »

Australia urn their easy Ashes victory

With a ruth­less determ­in­a­tion and a killer instinct worthy of a wolf chas­ing a wounded deer, Aus­tralia duly com­pleted the rout of a demor­al­ised Eng­land this morn­ing. Eng­land simply haven’t turned up this series and a reju­ven­ated Aus­tralia have preyed on every weak­ness and every fail­ing to humi­li­ate what is still a pretty good side.… Read more »

First blow to England

The Ashes urn

So the Ashes are under way again with no great sur­prises so far.  Aus­tralia won the toss and bat­ted, Eng­land came out with the ball and made life dif­fi­cult for a very aver­age look­ing Aus­trali­an bat­ting line-up.  The man of the day was without doubt Stu­art Broad, who should have now silenced all but the… Read more »

England’s starting 11 picked by Michael Clarke

The Ashes urn

In a refresh­ingly can­did inter­view Aus­trali­an cap­tain Michael Clarke has announced the Eng­land start­ing 11 for the first Ashes test.  We’re not sure it’s a good thing that he seems to know the team, but the team he lis­ted is the team we would have picked ourselves, so it could be just intel­li­gent guess­work.

Am I in an alternate universe?

The Ashes urn

Can I just double check with our read­ers — Eng­land did win the Ashes 3–0 at home this sum­mer didn’t they?  I’m not stuck in an altern­ate uni­verse where Eng­land were thrashed?  I’ll con­tin­ue on the assump­tion that I am in fact in the same uni­verse as every­one else, and that Eng­land did indeed win,… Read more »

England win the Ashes… again

The Ashes urn

No, I’m not a week late with this rev­el­a­tion — I’m refer­ring to the Eng­land women’s crick­et team, who have car­ried on the good work star­ted by the men by giv­ing the Aus­tralia women a good thump­ing.

Ashes 2013: Team of the series

The Ashes urn

One of the things that sur­prised me dur­ing the series was how the pun­dits com­pared the respect­ive wick­et keep­ers — with Brad Had­din get­ting a pretty good press, whilst Matt Pri­or got a slightly neg­at­ive over­all rat­ing.  From what I saw I didn’t think there was much to pick between them, so I thought I’d… Read more »

A cracking final day of the summer

The Ashes urn

I wasn’t expect­ing a great deal from the final day of the Ashes.  With Eng­land still in their first innings, and seem­ingly with no chance of win­ning I expec­ted them to bat out the day.  Instead a won­der­ful day of crick­et took place with both sides deserving a huge amount of cred­it.